Guide to Taking a Business Online

Guide to Taking a Business Online

Top 5 Advantages of Starting Your Business Online

Top 5 Advantages of Starting Your Business Online

3 Reasons to Start a Business Online

3 Reasons to Start a Business Online


Understanding How Call Answering Service Works for Your Business

Time has proven that phone call in business is not dead even in this digital era. It is true that internet has provided a more convenient way to communicate. But when it comes to business, there are several aspects where phone call is still the best means of communication.

Reuben Singh and his outsourced telecommunication company, AlldayPA, is a real proof that phone call will always be relevant in business. 17 years after he launched his AlldayPA, this call answering company has served more than 24,000 customers and answered approximately 160 million calls.

If you are new in the world of call answering service, maybe you feel confuse on how this industry works. Call answering service is not the same with call center. While call center are more about information gathering, call answering is a more personal matter. It needs empathy and thorough understanding of how the business works. So, is it possible to outsource such an important thing?

Well, of course it is possible because the job is outsourced not to just anyone. You are allowed to tell the call answering company regarding your requirement. The outsourced employee also will learn every single thing possible regarding your business. You also can teach the outsourced employee regarding the image your business wants to show for your customers. If you choose a good phone answering company, you definitely will get a professional person to handle your business’ phone calls. It is definitely a great option for business that relies heavily on customer service, for example doctor’s clinic.

Furthermore, you can also decide when you want to take your own phone calls and when you will let the outsourced company handle it. For example, you can deal with the phone calls during office hours and the call answering service will take over in non-office hours. This way, your customer will always have a way to reach you, which definitely will be good for your business.

Why Using Call Answering Service Will Benefit Your Business

Many people thought that Reuben Singh was out of his mind when he started his call answering service company back in 2000. The internet was starting to boom on that time and people doubted that phone call will still be relevant. But turns out, even 17 years later phone call is still an important part of business and call answering service becomes even more popular.

There are many reasons why this service is still relevant even in the era of internet. If you want to make your business more productive, you definitely should try this service, especially if your business involves a lot of customer services.

The first benefit of using call answering service is increased productivity and also cost efficiency. Answering a phone call really takes time, especially when you are dealing with customers. Of course you can hire a customer service representative to answer customers’ phone calls. However, it is not always an option because hiring new employee will increase your company’s expense.

This is where the phone call answering company will play its role. You can hire someone from the company to answer your phone call. But since it is outsourced, it will be more cost efficient for you. You can use the service only when you need it. It can be a week, a month or even forever. Even if you use the service for a very long time, you can still save budget because you don’t have to pay for the employee’s health benefits and other extra cost. It is definitely a better idea compared to hiring a permanent employee.

Furthermore, since there is a person who will be responsible in answering phone call, you can focus on doing more important work. This is a great way to increase your productivity without sacrificing the customer service aspect of your business.

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Taking a Business Online


Just a few short years ago anyone moving to online trading had either to learn HTML or appoint a professional.

Nowadays getting online has moved from being too difficult for IT amateurs to being too easy. It is not an exaggeration to say that an entrepreneur waking up at eight in the morning could, with a bare minimum of expenditure, have an online presence of sorts by twelve.

And here lies the problem.

A website is no more than a virtual store-front. An eBusiness is a business like any other. Behind that store front there needs to be a delivery process, the goods or services to be marketed through that store front, and an infrastructure to make everything work efficiently and profitably.

Even if you are only moving an existing business online you need a credible Business Case
The business case describes your reasons for going online: indeed going into business in the first place.

It has to be ‘outputs orientated’ ie it says ‘we will provide this product or that service’ rather than ‘we will use this or that resource';
It has to explain how you will respond to the market, how you will control your Business Risk.
How it fits with the rest of your business (if any);
How you will track the costs (time and money) and how and when you will measure the results

Your business case must be transparent and comprehensive – not an exercise in self-delusion or self-justification, and if it has significant technical content it has to be comprehensible.

Moving an existing business onto the net is one thing, starting a new business targeting an online clientele is quite another.

The ease and speed with which a new commercial site can be set up from scratch disguises the fact that an online business is just that: a business that trades online. All the disciplines that need to be followed when setting up a bricks-and-mortar business are equally relevant when setting up an online one.

Once you have an acceptable business plan in place the time comes to decide between:

The ‘nerd’s’ approach of building as site from scratch
Using a web designer
Opening an account with one of the many providers of commercial sites
Using a CMS to build an online community site.

Here on we do not deal with the first two options, valid though they are.

We do however suggest that the new online entrepreneur consider options 3 and 4 seriously. Both are simple enough for a non-it-specialist to be able to get up and running in a few days once the various options within your choice have been explored. A search of the internet will provide alternatives enough, and whichever way you go there are a couple of really critical questions to ask of the package you eventually choose:

What will your site look like
On a lap or desk top
On a smart-phone
On a tablet.
How will it interface with, or provide
Your accounting package
Your order management software.

When you’re considering a CMS system you’ll have to consider the additional modules available with the core software to make that assessment.

In most cases the decision will focus on one of the commercial providers though a CMS may be more suitable for:

A niche marketer
Clubs and associations
Some professional service providers.

In any case going online is not a simple yes/no decision. Many factors come into play and a few hours researching the options can be time well spent.

Just as an aside there is a natural compromise to be made between ‘user friendliness’ and the capacities of a package. Easy at the onset can mean limited at a later stage!